2012 : That’s a wrap!

Highlights :

The Wakeskate Tour. The most amazing & progressive thing to happen to wakeskating. This year blew minds & I had the honor of heading up the women’s wakeskate division.

The Wakeskate Mag. Seriously, could this year get any better? Wakeskating is in the hands of wakeskaters, and incredible things are happening…subscribe!!

PreHeat & AfterBurn. Discovered the regional FL )'( events, since I had to let my BM tickets go due to TWT date conflicts.

Hubba Club. My only real goal on TWT was to hit a rail at one of the stops. I didn’t. But at our girls weekend at Reed’s I finally mustered up the courage and stuck it first try!

Wakebabes. Enough said.

Published my first book ‘MakeWaves’. Something I’ve been wanting to for the last 7 years. A little bit of words, lots of pictures. It’s not polished and perfected and everything I ever dreamed of, but I finished it in less than a week on top of several other projects & I made some faces smile this Christmas.

Skydove-Skydived. Jumped out of a perfectly good plane for my 25th. And I survived.

Antigua. Gorgeous escape from reality for a week.

OPY. Discovered Power Yoga. I’m addicted.

#tynnaisinamerica. Two months of weekend wakeskate adventures! Valdosta, Retention, Jacksonville, FL Keys, Battle Falls… it’s been fun!

Baby Patrick was born! 5 trips to Tahoe. Kickflipped up a gap. A mariachi band member on Cinco de Mayo. Lake Holden. Amazing roommates & tons of great company. Paddleboarded Tahoe Jan 1st. Discovered the Belle Isle Yacht Pub & sake bombs. Full moon drum circles. New truck. Camp Vibes... bring it on 2013!