Adventures in Antigua

Antigua (anti-ga)

Laid back. Friendly people. Beautiful country.

The language, I found the most astonishing. Broken up shortened English, with a bit of a French accent. I would have never guessed, but now that I know I can understand a bit.

Three hard things about driving on the wrong side of the road:
1. Knowing which side of the car to get in on
2. Blinkers! Are also on the wrong side, I hit the windshield wipers every time on accident.
3. Making right turns.

I had to write a big ‘L’ on my left hand. Wasn’t as hard as I thought since the driver seat is also on the other side. Crazy roads. Tons of pot-holes, blind corners, blind hills, narrow roads, crazy drivers. Felt like rally car driving, it was fun. I could have drove around all day. Night driving got scary. In a full day of driving I only got passed 6 times, drove on the wrong side of the road twice, and scared myself 6 times.

English Harbor. Shirley Heights. Steel drum bands. Bob Marley a million different ways. Make friends with locals. Beach tour. Ffryes Beach. Hawksbill. Half Moon Bay. Vincent & Stefan. Learned the proper way to eat a mango. Mind Blown. Antigua has a rail park! Mind blown again. Learned to sail a Hobie Cat. Adventured. Walked a few miles on country roads. Stopped at random beaches. Clubbing until the sun rose. Bumping & grinding. Stepped onto Devil’s Bridge and walked across Hell’s Gate. Sand between the toes. Pina Coladas. Crystal clear water. Too good to be true, hard to believe its real. Aqua-marine. Wakeskating in paradise.

Life goal: Travel More. Full album on the good ol’ FB. So incredibly lucky to have this and many other travel opportunities. Thanks for the adventure Jen H!

Life is sweet, soak it up.