This is a personal project I have been wanting to do for years. MakeWaves is a small collection of my drawings, photos and thoughts. This Christmas I was strapped on cash and had to get creative. MakeWaves was a bit of a test run, I’d love to create something at least 3x the size one day. Not sure what the future is for MakeWaves, I could only afford to print 13 copies at the time. What’s next, back to the printer or back to the drawing board? Let’s go on a visual adventure…

I am going to giveaway one copy of MakeWaves! It’s easy, go like my Athlete Page : Jen GilanFarr (if you haven’t already). Then write something on my athlete page wall. Anything! A random quote, thought, inspiration. One word, or maybe a photo. Winner will be picked at random next Wednesday, Jan 16th! Surprise package will include MakeWakes, and other treasures!

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