The Evolution of Logo Design

Over Thanksgiving I ventured down to Haiti. I wanted to check out my friends non-profit and see where I could help out. Perfect timing…they were in the middle of a name change from GrassRoots United to Haiti Communitere. First task at hand would be new branding, followed by a new site, business cards, etc.

I spent the first few days trying to wrap my head around everything that Haiti Communitere stands for. The word Communitere alone stands for so many different things: Communities United in Response, Relief, & Renewal. Quite a dynamic and creative group of individuals, with such a big vision, its hard to really quantify what they do. Which is why it has been such a fun and challenging passion project. I wanted to share a bit of the process, and logo design evolution, as I find it pretty fascinating how quickly ideas can develop and evolve.

It started with a few pages in a sketchbook on the flight there. Followed by a few hours searching for the right fonts in a small hot room. Coming up with a few general ideas. Feeling like I couldn’t wrap my head around everything that they do. Trying to push through. Picking brains for more details. Wandering around the base for more ideas and inspiration. Diving into the culture a bit more, street food, bucket showers, and water in small plastic bags. Making my own font. Flying through the color wheel. Resizing, reversing, arrows, no arrows…