16 random things I’ve done before turning 25…

1  Start an LLC, Jnonymous.

2  Sell original artwork.

3  Write a book. Shorts, one copy, handwritten for Mom.

4  Flew to Rome alone and wandered the city for 8hrs to surprise my sister.

5  Win a World Championship title 4 years in a row.

6  Flew a cessna over Lake Tahoe (4 seater single engine plane).

Bought and sold my first boat, The Ski Cuda aka Suzy Q

Ran a Hostel (pretty much, the Conway house hosted a total of 15 girls from
all over the world over a 3 year period, and one young man).

9  Got a ticket for drinking in a public park.

10  Attend a hippie music festival, and stay up to watch the sun rise 3 mornings in a row.

11  Travel to the other side of the world, the Philippines.

12  Spontaneous naked party.

13  Lived in a house with a mini dirtbike track, and a house with a mini ramp.

14  Designed my own board graphics – the Grandma board & the Queen of Hearts.

15  Surf a chest high wave, backside! Puerto Rico.

16  Volunteer in a 3rd world country – Haiti.