Looking back at 2013

2013 Recap

Looking back on a really incredible year. A year ago today I was in panic mode, getting ready to quit what was once my dream job, and walk away from the beautiful little shred life I created in Orlando. I chased those dreams, and it was time to mix it up, create new dreams, & find new adventures.

A few highlights from 2013: Leaving Fiction and moving back home to Lake Tahoe. Starting the transition off with a month trip to Australia & New Zealand to film, ride and creative direct Sets in Motion. Launching The Wakebabes, and winning the overall women’s on The Wakeskate Tour. Designing my 3rd signature model board graphic for INTEGRITY wakeskates. Finishing a 22-mile SUP race across Lake Tahoe. Among several great adventures, taking an epic backpacking trip with my best friends. Some amazing boat days, FL trips, live music, and even met a nice fella along the way…

Some wise words I wrote to myself in my moment of panic: ‘Keep Calm & Carry On – wise word for freak out moments. TRUST YOURSELF. You are making the right decision. Never stop dreaming…’

Here’s to another great year!!

Integrity : Flower of Life


Designing my own board graphics is always one of my greatest design challenges and some of the most rewarding work I have ever created. It’s not just a board, it’s my board and it will hang on my wall years past my time on the water. It can’t just have a monkey on it because I think they are cute. It has to represent me and tell some piece of my story. Every time the project arises I spend months hammering my brain for my next genius idea… The genius idea always comes out of left field, when I’m driving in the middle of nowhere, jamming to some random song or halfway through shampooing my hair…


The ‘Flower of Life’ is a tattoo I have been highly considering, it didn’t happen before summer, so I decided in the meantime it should live on the board I ride everyday. What is the Flower of Life? It is the pattern in the center of the dream catcher, a pattern I have become infatuated with…

The Flower of Life is a symbol of sacred geometry, said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings. It is an akashic information system; meaning it contains records of all that was, all that is, and all that will be. The symbol can be found in manuscripts, temples and art throughout cultures around the world.


But I couldn’t just have this Flower of Life. Is it wrapped around some tree roots? How could I blend it into something more? I recently started making dream catcher necklaces. And why not the dream catcher? Pretty much sums up my last 8 years of being in FL, and my transition of moving back to Tahoe, in my next phase of life, chasing the next dream. I moved to FL at the ripe age of 17 with big dreams, I’ve accomplished them and so much more. What’s next?

A compass leads the way at the top of the board. I still don’t know my Left from Right, and as I child I always thought whatever direction I was facing must be North. If I’m going to catch my dreams, I better not get too lost…


There’s a bird flying over the sun at the bottom of the board. This was based off a painting my Grandfather Poppy drew. He was passionate about all the beautiful things in life. He was an artist, an architect, and as far as I knew, a magician. He passed away a few years ago and I have been trying to figure out how to include his influence in my board graphics since.


The board above is a special edition, production model may not be fully transparent… Get your hands on one at Integrity-Wake.com

omne quod est, omne quod erat, omne quod erit   //  all that was, all that is, and all that will be


3 Generations: The Grandma Board ’09-10 /  The Queen of Hearts ’11-’12  /  The Flower of Life ’13



This is a personal project I have been wanting to do for years. MakeWaves is a small collection of my drawings, photos and thoughts. This Christmas I was strapped on cash and had to get creative. MakeWaves was a bit of a test run, I’d love to create something at least 3x the size one day. Not sure what the future is for MakeWaves, I could only afford to print 13 copies at the time. What’s next, back to the printer or back to the drawing board? Let’s go on a visual adventure…

I am going to giveaway one copy of MakeWaves! It’s easy, go like my Athlete Page : Jen GilanFarr (if you haven’t already). Then write something on my athlete page wall. Anything! A random quote, thought, inspiration. One word, or maybe a photo. Winner will be picked at random next Wednesday, Jan 16th! Surprise package will include MakeWakes, and other treasures!

* All imagery & content © Jnonymous from 2013 to infinity and beyond.


Stoked to have a shot in The Wakeskate Mag 1.3 with all these handsome fellas! What are you waiting, subscribe! Big thanks to Goldie Bear for getting the shot, and to Fortenberry for having me over and taking such good care of my incline…

I also designed two ADs for the issue for my fav shop, The Liquid Playground, and a legend in wakeskatings latest venture (which I am thrilled to be a part of), Spawn

2012 : That’s a wrap!

Highlights :

The Wakeskate Tour. The most amazing & progressive thing to happen to wakeskating. This year blew minds & I had the honor of heading up the women’s wakeskate division.

The Wakeskate Mag. Seriously, could this year get any better? Wakeskating is in the hands of wakeskaters, and incredible things are happening…subscribe!!

PreHeat & AfterBurn. Discovered the regional FL )'( events, since I had to let my BM tickets go due to TWT date conflicts.

Hubba Club. My only real goal on TWT was to hit a rail at one of the stops. I didn’t. But at our girls weekend at Reed’s I finally mustered up the courage and stuck it first try!

Wakebabes. Enough said.

Published my first book ‘MakeWaves’. Something I’ve been wanting to for the last 7 years. A little bit of words, lots of pictures. It’s not polished and perfected and everything I ever dreamed of, but I finished it in less than a week on top of several other projects & I made some faces smile this Christmas.

Skydove-Skydived. Jumped out of a perfectly good plane for my 25th. And I survived.

Antigua. Gorgeous escape from reality for a week.

OPY. Discovered Power Yoga. I’m addicted.

#tynnaisinamerica. Two months of weekend wakeskate adventures! Valdosta, Retention, Jacksonville, FL Keys, Battle Falls… it’s been fun!

Baby Patrick was born! 5 trips to Tahoe. Kickflipped up a gap. A mariachi band member on Cinco de Mayo. Lake Holden. Amazing roommates & tons of great company. Paddleboarded Tahoe Jan 1st. Discovered the Belle Isle Yacht Pub & sake bombs. Full moon drum circles. New truck. Camp Vibes... bring it on 2013!

In Progress

Working on a little something-something for myself. Hopefully it lives to see the light of day!

conquered fear.

You know that moment when you are standing on the edge of a cliff, and you are too scared to jump. The longer you wait the worse it gets. And finally, you muster enough confidence to jump, or someone convinces you, or you realize its safer than climbing down… and you jump. You hit the water and come up laughing, because it wasn’t even bad & you can’t wait to run up to the top and do it all over again.

A nice metaphor for last weekend. Smashed my face a few years ago on a rail, left a nice deep emotional scar, and maybe a broken nose. After the last 6 months of watching everyone else hit the hubbas, I finally sacked up joined the club. And I didn’t die! And I can’t wait to hit them some more!! Just want to remember that moment & thank my friends that helped push me off the edge.

after / burn

Jen and I spent the weekend getting lost on a few acres with a couple hundred incredible human beings. A 9 foot tall sunflower man giving sun blessings, homemade dream catchers, trampolines, fire spinners… sometimes you just need to let loose & get weird.

—  one hundred thousand loves  —


My first real take at infographics. One of a series of posters created for Sesitec USA, for display in their booth at Surf Expo.

Sesitec ad for the latest Wake Journal, making use of some infographic assets, check it out! We build dreams.


Been mocking up some Liquid Playground ADs for the lastest & greatest in wakeskating: The Wakeskate Mag!! Subscribe, support & keep the dream alive…

WSM 1.2 Release Party


All the loves in the world are like different rivers flowing into the same lake, where they meet and are transformed into a single love that becomes rain and blesses the earth.
Paulo Coelho - Aleph


Let’s be inspired by the past today…

PR Dreams

Is this real life? Found some gritty film leftovers: Tres Palmas – PR. Yesterday’s trash, today’s treasure.

Apparently both my lenses were broken and it’s a miracle I got any photos out of the last several rolls of film. Thank you Kiwi Camera Service! The AE-1 is all cleaned up and the next roll might melt minds…

Turn up the Heat.

Sometimes you just have to dance around the fire till the sun comes up…

I rallied up a group of friends for Pre-Heat Part Duh last weekend, some things are just too good for words. Here’s a little glimpse of our adventures:

Papa Bob.

It’s almost Father’s Day. Thanks Papa Bob for all the boat camping trips, teaching me to drive, pulling me around in circles on skis/tubes/skurfers, and helping me catch the bass! And of course, his wife, my famous Grandma Cleone (from my board graphic) for all the amazing turkey sandwiches, french toast, and letting us kids horseplay around the boat. I really don’t think I would be where I’m at today without them!

Just Breathe.

I recently launched my latest freelance project, Breathe Boardwear

Custom wordpress site with a shop. Soft launch, Team and more pages coming soon. Breathe is my friend Ci’s newest project, she suffers from cystic fibrosis and can no longer ride, so she is pouring her passion for the sport into Breathe. They have already thrown an all girls wake event this year. Looking forward to seeing this company grow. Swing through the shop and check it out…


One day! When I mellow out and have time for a little monster like this…<3

Mobile Antigua

A Shirley Heights Sunset / Hawksbill Beach / Half Moon Bay Spray / Ffryes Beach / Big heads…

Instagram: @Jnonymous

Adventures in Antigua

Antigua (anti-ga)

Laid back. Friendly people. Beautiful country.

The language, I found the most astonishing. Broken up shortened English, with a bit of a French accent. I would have never guessed, but now that I know I can understand a bit.

Three hard things about driving on the wrong side of the road:
1. Knowing which side of the car to get in on
2. Blinkers! Are also on the wrong side, I hit the windshield wipers every time on accident.
3. Making right turns.

I had to write a big ‘L’ on my left hand. Wasn’t as hard as I thought since the driver seat is also on the other side. Crazy roads. Tons of pot-holes, blind corners, blind hills, narrow roads, crazy drivers. Felt like rally car driving, it was fun. I could have drove around all day. Night driving got scary. In a full day of driving I only got passed 6 times, drove on the wrong side of the road twice, and scared myself 6 times.

English Harbor. Shirley Heights. Steel drum bands. Bob Marley a million different ways. Make friends with locals. Beach tour. Ffryes Beach. Hawksbill. Half Moon Bay. Vincent & Stefan. Learned the proper way to eat a mango. Mind Blown. Antigua has a rail park! Mind blown again. Learned to sail a Hobie Cat. Adventured. Walked a few miles on country roads. Stopped at random beaches. Clubbing until the sun rose. Bumping & grinding. Stepped onto Devil’s Bridge and walked across Hell’s Gate. Sand between the toes. Pina Coladas. Crystal clear water. Too good to be true, hard to believe its real. Aqua-marine. Wakeskating in paradise.

Life goal: Travel More. Full album on the good ol’ FB. So incredibly lucky to have this and many other travel opportunities. Thanks for the adventure Jen H!

Life is sweet, soak it up.

Camp Vibes @ Retention

Jen G : Back 1 & Kim Young : Shuv

Camp vibes!! Retention is hands down my favorite event of the year. The Horan Family opens up their house for a solid weekend of camping and wakeskating in their backyard, wakeskating’s woodstock. Thanks everyone for an amazing weekend! We have such an awesome group of girls, stoked we get to be part of The Wakeskate Tour! So many good people & good vibes. Can’t wait for the next one. Check out Bear’s album from last years event.

Athlete Page.

I gave in. Athlete Page. Like me, or love me. Just don’t let me hanging out here all alone…


16 random things I’ve done before turning 25…

1  Start an LLC, Jnonymous.

2  Sell original artwork.

3  Write a book. Shorts, one copy, handwritten for Mom.

4  Flew to Rome alone and wandered the city for 8hrs to surprise my sister.

5  Win a World Championship title 4 years in a row.

6  Flew a cessna over Lake Tahoe (4 seater single engine plane).

Bought and sold my first boat, The Ski Cuda aka Suzy Q

Ran a Hostel (pretty much, the Conway house hosted a total of 15 girls from
all over the world over a 3 year period, and one young man).

9  Got a ticket for drinking in a public park.

10  Attend a hippie music festival, and stay up to watch the sun rise 3 mornings in a row.

11  Travel to the other side of the world, the Philippines.

12  Spontaneous naked party.

13  Lived in a house with a mini dirtbike track, and a house with a mini ramp.

14  Designed my own board graphics – the Grandma board & the Queen of Hearts.

15  Surf a chest high wave, backside! Puerto Rico.

16  Volunteer in a 3rd world country – Haiti.

The Evolution of Logo Design

Over Thanksgiving I ventured down to Haiti. I wanted to check out my friends non-profit and see where I could help out. Perfect timing…they were in the middle of a name change from GrassRoots United to Haiti Communitere. First task at hand would be new branding, followed by a new site, business cards, etc.

I spent the first few days trying to wrap my head around everything that Haiti Communitere stands for. The word Communitere alone stands for so many different things: Communities United in Response, Relief, & Renewal. Quite a dynamic and creative group of individuals, with such a big vision, its hard to really quantify what they do. Which is why it has been such a fun and challenging passion project. I wanted to share a bit of the process, and logo design evolution, as I find it pretty fascinating how quickly ideas can develop and evolve.

It started with a few pages in a sketchbook on the flight there. Followed by a few hours searching for the right fonts in a small hot room. Coming up with a few general ideas. Feeling like I couldn’t wrap my head around everything that they do. Trying to push through. Picking brains for more details. Wandering around the base for more ideas and inspiration. Diving into the culture a bit more, street food, bucket showers, and water in small plastic bags. Making my own font. Flying through the color wheel. Resizing, reversing, arrows, no arrows…

Summer Plumbing

Sometime over the summer Marcus and I got a little session on my pvc flat rail, with Richie Getter behind the lens. Check out some more of his shots over on Wesubsist. I sure do miss this rail. It only lasted about a week before the lake neighbors chopped it down. I’m pretty sure the pvc pipe is sitting on the bottom of the lake right around there. Tragic, it never meant any harm. Oh, and I don’t recommend hitting rails with your eyes closed.

The Queen of Hearts.

I finally got this lady in the studio so I could add my 2011 Integrity board graphics to my portfolio. Really stoked on how this board came out. Especially this version with the semi transparent view to the core underneath! Schmaltz is a mad scientist, thrilled to be on this team. Following up the ‘Grandma Board’ was no easy task. Amor Vincit Omnia.

Hello December

It’s December, and the high today is 78 degrees. This is my Monday morning meeting. Love life.

We’re Back!

I’m sorry this place has been dormant the last four or so months. Jnonymous was only meant to be down for a few days while it got a makeover. And then you know what happens…life happens. Well, a lot of great things have happened over the last four months. Won worlds, landed a varial flip, got a brand spanking new SeaDoo, went to Puerto Rico  and experienced Haiti…too say the least. I’ll try to post some highlights of these adventures. In the meantime, it’s good to be back folks. The new site design isn’t finished yet, but will it ever be?


Potential. I have a love/hate relationship with this word. It’s what you could be, should be, but aren’t. And the closer you seem to get to it the higher the bar is raised. Is it possible to reach your full potential? Or is it an endless thing like infinity? How many people get close? I meet one super human and it makes me wonder…

My brother’s response: “Well, is potential static or dynamic? Does your potential change over time? In essence, yes, but also no because your true potential is always changing. Does that make sense? I think its constantly changing. Even if a person hit their “full potential”- that moment their true potential changes into something new, but not necessarily bigger or smaller in scope, just different.”

adj \pə-ˈten(t)-shəl\

1 : existing in possibility : capable of development into actuality

2 : expressing possibility; specifically : of, relating to, or constituting a verb phrase expressing possibility, liberty, or power by the use of an auxiliary with the infinitive of the verb (as in “it may rain”)

I feel like the dictionary has taken this word to lightly. Or maybe I have personally struggled with it one on one and it holds a greater weight in my life.

Mobile Puerto Rico

Just a few quick iPhone snaps from my quick trip to PR. What an amazing trip with Jen & Kim! Surfed some of the biggest waves of my life (which are probably pretty average/small for most of you surfers). Caught a nice long backside shoulder high wave! Thanks to our surfing buddies, Albert & William. Wandered the Cueva del Indio’s, which may go down as one of my favorite places in the world. Hiked down river from waterfall to waterfall. Late night snorkeling in bioluminescents…life is beautiful.

Welcome to the LP Crew

Stoked to join the crew at The Liquid Playground! The truest shop in wake. Look out for the Integrity team video dropping soon, Ride Among Us. Thanks to WakeGirls for the ski footage.