Reclaimed Polaroid

Let’s run away together…

Thanks Bear for the dreamy reclaimed polaroid.

Nat’s 2011

Holding it down for the Pro Women’s Wakeskate division at Nationals! I don’t know how many Nationals titles that makes but I think it’s enough. My only goal last weekend was to land a back big in contest and by some miracle I stuck one in the flats in some of the roughest water ever. Pretty stoked on that, might be a first for women’s wakeskating, but not too sure. I wish some more of my lady skater friends could have made it! However I’m glad they didn’t pay to have to ride the rough river with me in the state of 10,000 lakes…maybe next year. Thanks O’Neill, Integrity Wakeskates & Freestyle for the support!

I think I left…

I really can’t wait to get back there. Fresh mountain air in my lungs. Mountains. Crystal clear water. The smell of fresh pine. Family. Friends. Adventures…

I think I left my heart on the west coast.

And I’m going back to get it.


Absolutely LOVE this song.

“Ride Among Us”

The “Official” trailer for “Ride Among Us”, The new team video from Integrity/Mutiny Wake prestended by Rukus Boardsports and The Liquid Playground. Featuring Collin Gee, Blake Steele, Josh Norman, GabePaulson, Ryan Lemons, Jen GilanFarr, Andrew Fortenberry and Nick Taylor.

Really stoked to be a part of this team! Holy hammersticks. Oh and I really need to get filming!!

TID Giveaway!

TID and Holga Sports teamed up to giveaway a sweet Gretchen Bleiler limited edition Holga 120N. To enter send in photos of your set-up! I really wish I could enter because my Holga appears to be broken. And I find I take tons of photos of “my set-up”. But I help run the site, so I’ll leave it to the rest of ya! Enter & win! Two of my set-up iphone photos…

Mmm Butter.

Keaton picked me up from the airport, I stayed at his ranch and we woke up early to ride some epic buttery. This scenery makes me want to move back west sooo bad. A little chilly but well worth the endless butter! Thanks Jim Dunigan for filming & editing. Kee and I pretty much learned how to wakeskate together years ago on Lake Tahoe, some 6am frosty sessions followed by chocolate chip pancakes. Those were the days. Can’t wait to go back!

A Thought.

“A symphony of illusion.”

sym·pho·ny : noun
1 : consonance of sounds
2 : a usually long and complex sonata for symphony orchestra : a musical composition (as for organ) resembling such a symphony in complexity or variety
3 : consonance or harmony of color (as in a painting)
4 : symphony orchestra
5 : something that in its harmonious complexity or variety suggests a symphonic composition

il·lu·sion : noun
1 : a obsolete : the action of deceiving : the state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled : misapprehension : an instance of such deception
2 : a misleading image presented to the vision : something that deceives or misleads intellectually : perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature : hallucination : a pattern capable of reversible perspective

Sometimes these things just come to my head and I have to decipher what they mean. This is where I am right now, caught in a symphony of illusion.

I am Your Grandma.

I’m not much of a ‘youtuber’…at all actually. I rarely make it to the end of most web videos, internet ADD. But my bossman/friend, Nrthrn Lights, is the king. In fact, he invented the internet. And thank him for sharing this gem, this video is amazing


Last weekend ended up turning into quite an adventure. We drove 10.5 hours up to Lake Gaston, North Carolina for the All Girls Wake Clinic and AF Wake’s Big Air Watersports Fair. Well the car broke down the morning after our arrival. We drove Danny’s 4Runner because it was pretty risky to take the Jetta that has all the lights on in the dash and some other strange problems right now. Danny never even wanted to drive, I talked him into it to save that extra buck.

Jen H and I were supposed to drive back Sunday night and work Monday. We ended up taking Monday off and hoping the car was a quick fix. Apparently nothings ‘quick’ in the country of North Carolina. We ended up waiting Tuesday for some word of conformation that we could drive back…last second we opted to take the train home. Adam’s dad gave us a ride to the nearest train station an hour away. The 7pm was booked. Booked! People take trains these days? Incredible. Luckily there was another one at 1am…the midnight train home.

So we killed some time with Mr.Fields. Listening to some great music, learning about waterskiing, wakeskating through the ski course, eating brownie crust, listening to old stories from Adam’s grandparents, and driving through the countryside. Lewis wouldn’t leave two girls at the train station alone till 1am so he stuck it out with us. Chivalry isn’t dead folks. The 15 hour train ride home stopped right at my office door. Too bad I checked my bags to a different station…typical Jen. All & all though, some bad luck that turned into a fine adventure. I kept waiting for things to fall into place and they never did, but we really made the best of it. Life is sweet, soak it in.


D&C Bonus Shots!

Do yourself a favor and cruise on over to The Darkroom for some bonus Devise & Conquer photos! There are some really cool shots in there, nice work JL. I wish they would have blown a few more up in the mag. Maybe next year. So stoked on the outcome of this event, can’t wait for 2012. While you’re in The Darkroom, hang out for a while and look around. There is some really beautiful photography over there…loose yourself.

All Girls Wake Clinic !

…was a success! Can’t wait for more. I am hoping to do a few more this year and maybe a whole series next year since the Maven Clinics no longer exist. It was fun being back in the boat with my old roomate, favorite driver, and one of my all-time favorite wakeboarders, Kara Austin! She shreds. And she is really great at coaching since that’s her job up in North Carolina at AF Wake. Check out the full article on TID. Thanks to O’Neill for their support to help make clinics & girls ride days happen!

Busy Bee.

Whoa, June! Where did you go? I’ve been busy in the editing suite at FCTN

But don’t worry…it will all pay off very soon ;)

Two Step.

A nice little screen grab from my 7D of Cassa’nova’ in her dancing shoes, doing the two step off the incline…

Now go to Throw It Down and watch the full video of Cassie destroying the Projects!


Leftovers of the best ski set of my life yesterday morning.

I’ve been working really hard on new tricks, and its starting to pay off…slowly but surely!

Queen Tee!

Mocking up a Queen of Hearts shirt. Thinking about going and getting one printed at Mother Falcon to go with my new Integrity board! Decisions, decisions. Gotta find a good tank to print on. I got a 3rd grandma shirt printed yesterday since I keep spilling spaghetti sauce and taco bell on my favorite white shirt. Keep it saucy’…

Phili Film.

If you look real hard you can see Tynna’s board on the dock ready to slay the butter in paradise…

Not a single photo from the roll of 35mm I took in the Philippines came out clean. That’s why none ever got posted, except this little artsy gem. Well folks, I’ve had some pretty bad luck with my film camera’s lately. That’s all just part of the mystery and excitement though. Sometime you win, sometimes you lose. I think the point of the story is…don’t drop your camera…because you won’t know the lens is toast until you develop a roll of precious memories that all come out blurry and washed out :)


Sooo stoked on this new video of Michaela de Waern. There are several girls around the globe killing it on a wakeskate and I hope one day we can all meet up somewhere and ride together!! Sick edit by Oskar once again…

Girls Wake Clinic!

Cruise on over to Throw It Down for more information!

Hungry Years.

Take 5 minutes out of your day and go get lost, get inspired, get hungry. Live vicariously through these beautiful images. I promise you won’t regret it. And I guarantee it will leave you hungry for more…

Thank you B. McLean and your never ending inspiration: My Hungry Years.

Early Morning Sessions.

Danny T, soaking up that morning sun.

It feels good to have the camera out again. It’s hard having so many hobbies! I want to shoot but I’d much rather be riding than behind the lens. Scott Stewart and I have another project in the works so I’ll be waking up extra early to take a quick slaysh before I film the boys. Stoked to be shooting again!

Late re-entry back big

WakeGames. Tres Peat.

Yeah Grandma! That may be her last podium, as the queen is due to arrive shortly. I guess that makes it a 3-peat. WakeGames was a wild weekend! I got a job on the tour so I ran around all day like a maniac filming. I was more worried about my first day on the job than my pass hah. I’m stoked Kristine, Krista and I were there to hold down the women’s wakeskate division. I remember when there used to be 8+ girls, hopefully one day it will pick back up! Big thanks to O’Neill, I wouldn’t be able to do any contests without their support :) and of course Grandma & Integrity.


I have been on a real weekender bender. One weekend after another of adventures…camping in Grasso’s backyard, Gennie Springs, Yatching in Miami, NorCal Convergence & 1 day back home in Tahoe. What’s this weekend going to hold?

NCC is one of my favorite events of the year. And its a bonus it so close to  home I get to stop in to Tahoe for a quick minute to see the fam. Big thanks to The Liquid Playground for making it happen along with everyone that showed up and those that brought something to the table (boats, skis, grills, winches, rails, etc)! I had sooo much fun. These kind of events are so crucial to the progression of the sport. Steven of UpEarly Productions already busted out an edit…

My sister and her man Chris came out to camp and cooked the most amazing food I’ve ever had while sleeping in a tent…I guess that’s what happens when your sisters a chef! There should be some more coverage floating around here soon. I brought my Holga, can’t wait to get the film back! Thanks to everyone for an amazing time. Can’t wait to do it all again!!

Leave A Message.

High five to Nike Six point-oh for there all girls surf film, Leave a Message, coming out May 24th for FREE download! Did I mention all of these girls are under 21? Insane. This is the next generation, checkout some photos & write-up on Transworld Surf. So rad to see Nike pushing women’s surfing like this, I wish they would step into wake!


I snuck out of the house with this classic family photo when I left for college. We have heaps of them from the late 80’s, early 90s. Classic family photo. What’s crazy is my parents don’t really look much older now, younger if anything. Maybe its that classic grizzly beard and feathered hair. So amazing. Reminds me of that ‘Back to the Future‘ series by Irina Werning where she took classic old photos and had the people retake them years later…

If I was on the west coast right now I’d be on the hunt for some of those clothes for a reshoot, 23 years later. Classic. Oh and I’m the little gremlin looking one on the far end. Haha.

Jenny Springs!

Birthday’s are great excuses to do things you’ve always wanted to do but never gotten around to. So we packed up with some friends and camped out at Ginnie Springs last weekend. That place is sweet! I highly recommend making a trip up there if you are in FL!

Lazy river. Jungle Juice. Caves. Snorkeling. Inflatables. Fire! Friends :) Ooo, and getting ICED with an XL Smirnoff. Love my life. Here’s some photos, full album of fun on the FB.

Early Birthday !!

I’m gonna be 24 next week! Hoooly. I’ve been pretty nervous about this whole growing up thing. 23 was nothing. But 24 is one year closer to 25, which is a quarter century….and that’s one year closer to growing up and having to get your shit together. I’m gonna be 24 forever. The last 5 years I’ve felt like I was 24…now it’s actually happening and I think that’s why I’m weirded out.

Anywho. I have the best boyfriend ever. Seriously. He’s something else. I’ve been obsessed with surfing the last few weeks (big thanks to FYBG for being a huge inspiration). I’ve been on a serious board hunt trying to find something I can slay some small waves with. I’m a surfing rookie, but I want to learn how to surf as good as I can fakesurf (behind the boat). Annnd Danny picked this beauty up and just couldn’t wait to give it to me…

A Neilson 6’0″ with a singe fin and fishtail! Looks super fun, can’t wait to shred it!! <3

Guess Who’s Back!

Ramon is back!! Haha. This sign has been up for at least 3 years, this guy must be a legend…